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Do you feel frustrated, angry and betrayed over money that is owed to you?

Are you finding it difficult to deal with this legal issue on your own?

Are you struggling to find a suitable, affordable legal representative that you can rely on?


We understand the emotional trauma that is associated with litigation and having to deal with your own legal issues and we want to put you at ease.  We know what it’s like having to face uncomfortable situations where you now have to defend yourself against someone who feels that you have done them wrong, or if you feel that someone has done you wrong.  You are entitled to justice. Having been in this industry for over 15 years, we know exactly how you feel.

There is a solution to ease your stress level about this issue, a different way that you can approach your legal dispute and minimize the loss that can occur if your case is not managed by an experienced, senior legal professional.  Some clients that have sought our help have done so after trying to represent themselves or after having used an inexperienced legal representative.   Consequently, they jeopardized their case and ran up their costs unnecessarily.  At Goldfields Legal we will put you at ease, will look out for your best interests and we will take care of your legal issues so that you can have peace of mind about your legal matters.

“Goldfields Legal successfully assisted me with my case and he was able to have a default judgment set aside. Further to this they were able to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement in my case. Their work ethic is professional and trustworthy. I would highly recommend Goldfields Legal for any Small Claims Court action that you may have. Thank you Goldfields Legal”.

Khamkeut Keovongsa, (Richmond Hill)

To get your legal issues resolved, call Goldfields Legal, the people you can trust, to claim what is rightfully yours.  We are seasoned experts and are here to advocate on your behalf in Court and give you the convenience of not having to navigate the complex court system on your own.  By allowing us to represent you, we save you time and effort as we draft all necessary documentation for you.  We understand the legal system and draft pleadings covering most legal pitfalls that you would not normally be aware of as a lay person, thereby reserving your rights.

By choosing to work with us you will be assured of our commitment to working towards solving your legal matter.

Small Claims Court Toronto, Richmond Hill & Newmarket

At Goldfields Legal Services, our 15 years of legal experience has enabled us to represent our clients in the Small Claims Court Toronto, Richmond Hill in a manner that is professional, fair and reasonable.

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Landlord & Tenant Toronto & Newmarket

This is an intricate and sometimes difficult area of law due to the number of formalities and forms that need to be complied with. At Goldfields Legal Services, we would be pleased to assist you to retain your access to justice and safeguard your rights.

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Employment Law Toronto

For our employment law clients, we offer representation in negotiation, mediation and arbitration of workplace conflict / dispute resolution and grievance hearings.

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